About us

Florida All Star Youth is a 501 c 3 organization who serve the youth of Broward County, Florida. The organization was established January 2015 to prevent adolescent behaviors by helping them develop a positive self-image, leadership skills, and self-confidence. The organization is directed toward reducing the rates of including but not limited to teenage pregnancy, juvenile crimes, bullying, and gun violence. 


Our Programs


Community Outreach and Learning Services

A program where youth will learn and understand the significance of everyday life while giving back and treating others with respect. Our goal is to encourage and promote positive life changing skills and experiences for the youth.

- Acts of Kindness 

- Life & Social Skills

- Community Service


Teen Talks - coming soon this Fall 2019

Teen Talks is a pop-up round table discussion forum that is created to meet the youth where they are and allow them the opportunity to express themselves and talk about the current issues and concerns of the challenges that they are faced with of today.  Guest will be either invited or random guest that are at the pop up locations and will be asked join in on the discussion(s). All pop up round table Teen Talks are  live recordings.